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My Birthday party

Yesterday was my birthday and when I wanted to leave my room I found a small card from Alair wishing me Happy Birthday! God, was I surprised!

In the evening, I had a small party in my MH. Schnu and Auro instantly joined my small tea and cookie party, when suddenly...

...a Stripper suddenly appeared! I don't know who invited him, but I basically did't care. He did an awesome performance just for me <3<3 Due to privacy reasons I am not in a position to reveal the Stripper's true name. Here is a hint.

After his awesomely seducing performance, he sat down with us to have a nice chat. Auro was so flashed by his awesomeness that she could barely look at him. In addition to that, the stripper gave me a Fire staff signed by Jkun! O_O; <3 Very cool thing to show off!

Of course Mighto heard of the stripper and 5 Minutes later he joined us, claiming the stripper. Some HOT YAOI ACTION followed. I was very amused.

After Mighto was satisfied, our stripper got quite tired.

Unfortunately Mighto didn't like my green bed and our stripper found my "milk" bottles... /sigh

No hot bed action /sigh...

So all the men decided to leave already and Auro and me started a hot girls only night.

Unfortunately, Auro fell asleep quite early and just didn't wake up when Alair came to visit me! He gave me a Happy-Birthday-kiss as greeting <3

Then I was allowed to rub his belly for a fortunate next year! <3 It felt so great to touch it again afer a long long time.

That night, Alair looked really really hot. Although I was able to resist his charme... a little...

...cause I offered him to sleep in my bed (his bed in Sandy was so far away!) while I chose my empty Cookie Drawer.

All in all it was a wonderful birthday party and I was soooooo happy! Thanks a lot, everyone! <3

Written on: June 16, 2010, 21:00
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"Laziness to overcome" or "A fatefull meeting?"

At least it was fatefull for my blog as I'm writing a new post. I haven't done this vor over half a year but I think, it's time to catch up a little. A brief summary of what I did will be posted some time.

Okay, here is the story:

It was a normal day. I did Limbus with these awesome looking BLMs Crad and Lolnix.

Yes, Limbus takes place in Sea (dunno the real name) which looks like this:

After Limbus I changed to my lolNinja which I wanted to train with Auro and Samti the next day. Just after going to bec, I checked how my little chocobo chick SuperNova was doing.

I have to admit, until here it is really boring. Sorry for that but that's my life. I promise, it get's better now!

Suddenly I met some strange Elvaan.

I was sure, I knew that name! Also that gear looked so familiar. Could it be him? The funny PUP and DRK with the blog?

I followed him without waiting. In Whitegate  caught up to him. He was with Rebme. It was him! The awesome Elvaan that looked like my ugly Ly but at the same time he looked so good! Can you imagine this is possible? I didn't until that day.

Anyway, he calld me a stalker (;_;) but was really kind. Rebme also showed off her Ninja powers by transforming through a top secret ninjutsu in my SuperNova! O_O;

Then she transformed into a Goblin. Jkun instantly gave her a new name:

Some days later, I met them at the Synergy thingy. They had some awesome Synergy gear on them and I regret ever having checked them. Will never do again... Very depressing.

But he kinda looked hot... o.o; Though I didn't tell him ofc! Lyron would never ever be able to look like that!

The same say, Rebme took me to Kamp Kweh and showed me her red Sandy-Chocobo. You can also admire my supercute SuperNova, the tiny yellow spot on the bottom.

I always wondered why Jkun had so many funny chatquotes in his blog. Now I know:

Don't worry, I won't show them to anyone!

Great idea o.O;

During Assault I got the band by rolling:

Must be Jkun's luck that got transfered to me or something...

Late in the evening we did some Campaign Battle to get me to PUP75. I owned Yuu Mjuu!

And Yuu Mjuu undressed Jkun. <3

My SuperNova also grew like 50cm in one night:

But then... Jkun offered me something. I got some materials from evil Gigas and the Auction house and so did he. We met in the Woodworker's guild in Sandy. There he crafted something...


And he gave it to me... SIGNED!

Ofc I instantly put it into my MogHouse. Now I can show off in front of my friends! Schnu will be soo jealous!

Yes, yes, funny days~
Don't think the days before weren't funny just this made me wanna write my diary again. :D

Written on: June 12, 2010, 14:21
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