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This and that (April...)

Screenshot collection from April *cough*, named "Other". Means: Screenshots that are interesting but have nothing in common.

I observed this woman in Basty Campaign Battles. She was pretty cool. It's Klara, right?

Lyron on his way to get me the Gobbiebag Items... He's such a failure <.<

One day I walked around Ru'Lude gardens, singing a song when suddenly a perverted japanese Hume appeared in front of me. He stared at me. I stared back. Then I ran. I mean, I really ran as fast as never before. But I took the time to make a photo of him.

Samti is sexy! Need proof? Here you go:

Obvservations during Dyna:

Kitty...back? o.

Every Tarueater will love this NM!

I wonder which idols this NM robs. Like Mumor?

Yes! This is also an observation during Dyna!
@all men: And now tell me again, Dyna is boring...

Some years or months ago, I wondered why the exits from Jeuno look so damn empty. Now I know they don't. I was just unable to see that far...

Written on: August 1, 2009, 22:11
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A Crystalline Prophecy

Okay, I have been really lazy lately... I know... So, here is the entry about ACP:

One day, without any reason, a crystal appeared in the sky. Shining brightly down on Vana'diel, nobody could keep an eye off it.

The Sandy people had no clue what's happening.

The Basty people of course either.

Just the Star Sibyl had a frightening vision about what was about to happen.

A wonderfull shining rain of shining thingies filled Jeuno. It looked so awesome.THat's also where I met young Aldo.

He told me about some stuff I already forgot. Something about crystals and stuff. Not that important. I could figure it had something to do with light and darkness.

Then I was attacked my lots of super-weak nuclear Mandies. My Banishga II finished them off easily.

Aldo and Aldo met. Young Aldo was talking about a song...

Later at the Hall of Gods, Aldo met his real sister.

She sang the song...

The powerful song that was thought forgotten.

She just looked like Altana o.o;

After a few struggles and fights, we defeated that crystal. lol~ we actually fought against a crystal! o.o;;

Then we could hear a voice whispering to us...

Then, the crystal wanted to destroy Vana'diel.

But suddenly, all living beings began to glow and gave a portion of their soul or life or whatever to the crystal in order to protect their precious Vana'diel.
This Elvaan boy was even fishing with his daddy what he wished so much!

Also gobs blabla...

The princess just looks like her mother...

well... Basty was glowing too.

Windurst of course, too!

And then... the voice was whispering again...

And the three of them hugged.

Have you seen this crystal before...?

That's us, that's our world, we need to protect if cause SE always provides us with new enemies...



Actually.... Aldo's sister has a... son... that is achtually... Young Aldo? o.o; WTH?

Of course we did this fight in order to obtain awesome looking body pieces. Mighto and Chaosi got their body pieces but I still have to wait... I want mine to make Pino stronger but I'm unsure about the stats...

All in all... can anyone tell me the story of this add-on?

Written on: August 1, 2009, 14:50
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