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My Birthday party

Yesterday was my birthday and when I wanted to leave my room I found a small card from Alair wishing me Happy Birthday! God, was I surprised!

In the evening, I had a small party in my MH. Schnu and Auro instantly joined my small tea and cookie party, when suddenly...

...a Stripper suddenly appeared! I don't know who invited him, but I basically did't care. He did an awesome performance just for me <3<3 Due to privacy reasons I am not in a position to reveal the Stripper's true name. Here is a hint.

After his awesomely seducing performance, he sat down with us to have a nice chat. Auro was so flashed by his awesomeness that she could barely look at him. In addition to that, the stripper gave me a Fire staff signed by Jkun! O_O; <3 Very cool thing to show off!

Of course Mighto heard of the stripper and 5 Minutes later he joined us, claiming the stripper. Some HOT YAOI ACTION followed. I was very amused.

After Mighto was satisfied, our stripper got quite tired.

Unfortunately Mighto didn't like my green bed and our stripper found my "milk" bottles... /sigh

No hot bed action /sigh...

So all the men decided to leave already and Auro and me started a hot girls only night.

Unfortunately, Auro fell asleep quite early and just didn't wake up when Alair came to visit me! He gave me a Happy-Birthday-kiss as greeting <3

Then I was allowed to rub his belly for a fortunate next year! <3 It felt so great to touch it again afer a long long time.

That night, Alair looked really really hot. Although I was able to resist his charme... a little...

...cause I offered him to sleep in my bed (his bed in Sandy was so far away!) while I chose my empty Cookie Drawer.

All in all it was a wonderful birthday party and I was soooooo happy! Thanks a lot, everyone! <3

Written on: June 16, 2010, 21:00
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