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How we got our Crowns from Naja back

First of all, this entry will spoil the end of the Missions from Treasures of Aht Urhgan. Don't look at it or read it if you don't want to be spoiled!

Okay, I met with Nashmeira in the ruins. We also met her brother Rahzfad (or so) and the Galka from the Puppet store.

Suddenly, the strange machine pierced a deadly ray of light through Nadhmeiras body...

She was dead... and just in the same moment, Luzaf appeared. He had seen her death and a strong rage filled his heart. He summoned the dark rider from within his body to defeat the machine - Alexander.

Two powerfull forces met...

In the same moment as the two opposite powers - light and darkness - should have met, they diappeared. It was also then when Nashmeira met her brother in a different dimension... Did they both die?

It was our task to defeat Alex - and we succeeded!
After the fight, Luzaf had calmed down and carried Nashmeira to the Astral Cascadence.

He begged it to take his life ot give her hers back...

And he did...

She woke up, crying...

They hugged for the first and last time...

Then he disappeared and left her alone - that crying girl.

A few days later I was invited to the coronation of Empress Nachmeira II together with Naja. Only a few people were invited. Naja was hoping for many royal people, a huge party and a possibility to gain more eminence. Of course she wasn't pleased at all but she didn't show it in front of the empress.

Also, the royal puppets, once destroyed, were restored by the Puppetmaker from the store. Their souls had also returned! Nashmeira's joy was huge!

Unfortunately, the crown of the empress had been used to repair the puppets so we had no crown for the coronation! Nashmeira didn't care and said, as long as I give her my blessings, this will be enough for her.

Her puppets seemed to like me too o.o;

Of course we celebrated a little!

Nashmeira II looked so happy. <3
She also gave me a friendship ring .

Back in Naja's office, she made her private slave make a list of my depts... Of course I had no intention to pay them back to leave her Agency because I like Naja so much.

As reward for my popularity at the court, she gave me - and my friends - the crown back!


Written on: August 3, 2009, 11:38
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Gratz to you all!


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