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This and that (May)

First of all I got this wonderful Cookie-set! Now, I can pretend to offer cookies to my friends when they visit me, even though, my raptor egg is protecting my precious cookies. Only those with brave courage are able to touch my cookies .V

Darsh. looks. so. awesome.

After years of being WhitaMage 75, I finally got my healing skills capped!

UGLYNESS! (the left one is my AH Business Manager Lyron)

I met Fenrir once again and got a nice earring from him.

Mighto and Ram look soooo cute and sexy together .

Sorry, I was wrong... THIS is true ugliness.....

Me cuddling with Yoku's cute... uhh... Azure, right?

In campaign battles I am the only one that keeps our hyper-strong NPCs alive. I live with them and cure them.... and I die with them.

Schnu looks sooooo cute in his wedding dress! . I wonder who the bride is... o.;

More "This and that" will follow soon.

Written on: August 2, 2009, 11:46
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So many Updates at once. xD
Schnucki looking good as always.


Written by Anonymous am 11:07, August 3, 2009


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